Ancient love newly inflamed
as I looked upon ‘You’ in an exceptional light.
Your walls are cracked,
Your garment peeled,
outlasted good but also bad times,
but now I’ll take you under my wings –
with my passion, fresh ideas and
the helping hands – without them it would not work – to present ‘You’ in your robe –
as suitable, my jasmine.
Design as far as the eye can see,
bright, full of joy – or anticipation –
looking forward for the company which will bring ‘You’ tranquility, just with a smile – or their amazement.
When, after a week, a night or even one dinner, loving hearts just want to leave ‘Us’ reluctantly,
the team did everything right and –
I am able to enjoy the result of ‘My’ hands work.

Written for Giorgos Koutsos on the occasion of the reopening of his hotel ‘Albergo Gelsomino’ Kos in October 2018.

Good business all the time!

© All rights reserved,
written by John Marten Tailor

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